Welcome to RCCG - Southern African Region 2

Regional Coordinator

Beloved Brethren,

We bring you wonderful greetings in the blessed Name of Jesus. We also take this time to welcome you to the year of Next Level. Indeed this year by the grace of God, will be said to be the year you had waited for. We are trusting God that as He has promised, and as we believe, He will give us cause to rejoice mightily in Jesus Name.

However, as we all know, in life, everything has its price: more so now, as we move even closer to the end of the age. God has said that it is only for true heaven seekers that this will be a pleasant year.

So, let us seek God with everything we have. Let us seek to know him more, love him more, and serve Him more than ever before.

Let us choose to seek Him for His heart and not just for his hand, not just for what we can get from Him. The Lord has said to us in Proverbs 8 verses 17, I love those who love me, and those who seek me diligently, will find me. (NKJV) Do you genuinely love God? Even when it appears as if He has delayed to answer your prayers? He can never change. He will bring His word to pass in your life.

In fact, the more you seek Him, the less important many things will begin to appear to you. As Jesus takes centre stage, everything else pales into insignificance.
This year, let us draw closer to Him. The blessings and the testimony will be ours and the glory will be His alone.

Remain reputable and, a true Heaven Seeker..